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Excellent podcast

Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends Podcast

JD Bucks County Pa.

Tony, in his own unique way, keeps things real for his listeners. Using personal stories and humor to share how he looks at and deals with “the stuff” that happens to everyone throughout life. His Forest Gump like life is interesting as he shares stories of meeting common everyday people throughout the world to famous people like “The Who.” His plain spoken tell it like it is personality is refreshing and he is always weaving in the reminder to all of us to remember what’s most important, not the past, not the future but right now. His words are practical and while they can easily apply to all of us the real audience for his lessons and stories is his family. We are listening to a father trying to impart words of wisdom to his children similar to how Randy Pausch did with his Last Lecture. Two Thumbs Up!

I found a treasure in Finding Subjects!

This podcast is a rare “can’t miss” in the podcast universe. With the prose of a bestselling autobiography and the warm, natural voice common to the very best podcasters, the narrator nails it from the very first episode. Please excuse me while I binge!

Love the flavor!

Hey this podcast is very relaxing. I really enjoy listening and it makes for a great evening listen perhaps after dinner in the study. keep it up I have no doubt this will one day explode! Great work. - Jonathan Frederick, HHH podcast


Hello, I want to start by saying it was a pleasure to meet you and your daughter I hope you both had a great time visiting Iceland. I apologize for the late the response. I enjoyed the podcast I felt I like I was on this adventure with you. Keep up the good work God bless Sincerely, Julius