Jan. 17, 2023

Here Comes the Sun...

Here Comes the Sun...

Nothing I like more than waking early and watching the sunrise. I'm certain many of you feel the same way. To me, the sunrise signals another day and another chance to do life better than I did it yesterday. The key word in that sentence is the word 'chance'.

Chances are something not all of us get. Sometimes we do things in life and we get no makeover, it is what it is and we have to move on. Other circumstances require us to change, to observe, understand, then alter what we did prior to rectify a certain situation. In any case, a chance to do something better than you did it before is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

I remember the particular day I took this photograph, waiting patiently for the sun to break the horizon, wondering how far out was already bright daylight...I was certain Portugal, France, and every other country located directly across the ocean from Virginia Beach were already in full morning light.

I remember thinking and wondering who was sitting on a beach in those locations looking west out towards the horizon wondering if anyone in the United States was up early awaiting the sun.

I often let my mind drift this way. It's a good exercise I think. I often do the 'what if?' scenario in my head, if nothing more than to exercise my mind and keep it thinking, using it, imagining like Einstein suggested.

The smell of the ocean, the warm breeze carrying the sounds of seagulls calling...to me...the ocean is one of those favorite places to be to get the head straight.

"Here Comes the Sun' was the song I was humming. Great song by a great band, The Beatles. 

Appreciate each day, each moment you are given. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Everyday is a gift. Use it wisely. Our time here is indeed finite. Personally I pray for the mindfulness to stay as appreciative as I am, each day, and for me to somehow be of service to others, and in that way, hopefully, I am doing what God wants me to be doing here on earth.

Thanks for being here, for listening to the podcast, and for reading these writings.

Have a great day!