Finding Subjects Podcast

Finding Subjects Podcast

We're a mostly comedic music podcast that discusses lyrics, music history, our life stories and the songs that served as the sound tracks from our youth growing up in Delco, Pennsylvania!

Real, transparent, authentic conversations between Tony, Bink, and Chico!
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Get your 'Laughter Meditation' on!

March 24, 2023

We do some laughter meditation today to get you ready for your weekend! You are highly encouraged to participate! Hilarious! #Laughtermeditation #Comedy #Laughter #Laughteristhebestmedicine #Laughaboutit #Laugh --- Send in…

Ghost in the Machine

March 23, 2023

Episode 52. On this episode we play 'Guess the Lyrics' and then get interrupted by a strange sound we then play back for you. Ghost? Your guess is as good as ours. Enjoy! *For the best listening experience for this episode p…

Episode 51: Addiction, Sobriety, Self-Worth, and Acceptance

March 20, 2023

On this episode our special guest, Ed, talks with us about his lifetime of dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, self-worth, and finally sobriety. #Sobriety #Addiction #DrugAddiction #Alcoholism #Self-worth #Sober #Drugab…

Episode 50: Happy St. Patty's Day, Embracing Your Irish Heritage, Great Irish Music

March 17, 2023

On this our 50th episode, we talk about our Irish heritage, share stories of growing up with Irish traditions, talk about famous Irish folks, famous Irish food, and then we play some of our favorite Irish Music from some of …

Famous Quotes, Finding Courage and Strength to Live Your Best Life!

March 15, 2023

Today we talk about famous quotes and utilizing them to find the courage and strength to live your best life and to move forward doing the things you love to do! #Motivation #Inspiration #Selfhelp #Inspirationalquotes #Livin…

49: Happy PI Day, I Love Eating Pie, Dealing with Changes in Life!

March 14, 2023

Everything changes, nothing stays the same, not even the earth and sky. On this episode we talk about change in our lives, how it's hard, how it's often unwanted, but simultaneously necessary to move forward with our lives. …

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